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Cost to Replace Bathroom Countertop

Replacing a bathroom countertop can transform the space, adding value and style to your home. However, understanding the cost is crucial for any homeowner considering this update. In 2024, bathroom remodels continue to be popular, with the basin unit area being a focal point. Bathroom countertop prices vary widely depending on material, size, and installation complexities. Affordable options like laminate can start at a lower price point, while high-end materials such as granite, marble, or quartz can significantly increase the project’s cost. Researching and comparing bathroom countertop prices to budget effectively for your renovation is essential.

Factors Affecting Bathroom Vanity Replacement Cost

By Vanity Type

The type of vanity significantly impacts the overall cost. Prefabricated vanities, often available at home improvement stores, can be a cost-effective choice but may not offer the perfect fit or style for every bathroom. On the other hand, customized vanity options allow for a unique design and tailored fit but come with higher costs. When replacing a vanity, it’s essential to consider whether you’ll need to remove an old vanity countertop and install a new one, as this can affect the project’s complexity and price.

By Top Material

The choice of a vanity top material dramatically influences the countertop’s cost. Granite and marble are renowned for their durability and visual appeal but carry a higher price tag. Quartz and cultured marble present a mid-range cost option, while laminate and tile provide budget-friendly alternatives. The average price of these materials can vary, so it’s important to include the cost of the bathroom vanity countertop material when budgeting for your project.

By Vanity Size

The size of your vanity directly affects the cost, especially for materials priced per square foot. Countertops cost more for a double-sink configuration due to the increased amount of material required and the potential complexity of the installation. When planning to replace a vanity, consider the size of the new unit and how it will impact the installation cost and the overall project budget.

Additional Cost Considerations

The cost of fixtures, such as faucets and sinks, can add up. High-end fixtures will increase the overall cost of your bathroom vanity replacement.

Chosen Fixtures

The selection of fixtures, including faucets and sinks, significantly affects the final price. Opting for high-end fixtures can elevate the overall cost of your bathroom vanity replacement project. When adding a new sink, consider the style and compatibility with your chosen vanity top, as this can influence both aesthetics and functionality.

Plumbing Line Work

The necessity for new or additional plumbing lines will invariably increase both labor and material costs. Plumbers typically charge by the hour, and introducing a new plumbing line, especially for a double-sink countertop, can escalate the project’s complexity and expense. Hiring a professional for plumbing work is often recommended for plumbing work to ensure proper installation and avoid future issues.

Wall Removal

Wall removal, required to accommodate a new or larger vanity, can significantly add to the cost due to the labor involved and potential structural repairs. The extent of the work depends on the vanity’s size and the bathroom’s layout, with larger or custom installations generally requiring more extensive modifications.

Backsplash Installation

Incorporating a backsplash is a popular way to enhance your bathroom vanity’s appearance while protecting the wall from water damage. Backsplash installation costs vary depending on the materials used and the required labor.. For instance, tile backsplashes may cost less than those made from continuous materials like granite or quartz, matching the bathroom vanity top.

Professional vs. DIY Bathroom Vanity Replacement

DIY Bathroom Vanity Replacement

Replacing a bathroom vanity can be a cost-effective project for the handy homeowner.. However, it’s essential to consider the complexity of the installation, including plumbing and countertop fitting. Simple replacements may cost less, but the risk of errors can lead to higher costs down the line. The average cost of DIY projects can vary greatly depending on the countertop material chosen and whether new fixtures like a bathroom sink are being installed. Installing a new vanity top, especially materials like granite countertop, requires careful handling and precise fitting, which can be challenging for DIY enthusiasts.

Professional Bathroom Vanity Replacement

Most homeowners will benefit from professional installation, ensuring the job is done right. The cost varies depending on the scope of work and materials,but expect a higher total cost due to labor fees, which can reach up to $200 per hour. Professional installation often involves a detailed assessment of the bathroom space, including the number of sinks and the type of stone countertop being installed. Materials like natural stone can take longer to install, increasing the total cost.

In addition to the costs associated with professional bathroom cabinet installation, replacing bathroom countertops can significantly contribute to the overall expense. The cost of replacing bathroom countertops depends on the chosen materials, with natural stone options like granite or marble typically commanding higher prices due to both the cost of the material itself and the specialized labor required for installation. Labor costs for countertop replacement can vary, but when combined with high-quality material, the total cost can increase substantially. Homeowners should carefully consider the type and quality of the material for their new countertop, as this choice will directly impact the final cost of the replacement project. When planning a professional bathroom cabinet and countertop replacement, it’s essential to factor in these costs to ensure an accurate budget for the entire renovation.

How To Hire a Professional

When hiring a professional, it’s essential to check ratings and reviews, ask for detailed quotes, and ensure they have experience with bathroom vanities. Our company can provide a comprehensive guide, including removing the old vanity and installing the new one. We specialize in stone countertops and offer professional bathroom vanity installation services, ensuring high-quality workmanship. When consulting with professionals like InStone, inquire about the cost to install a new vanity top, considering factors such as the size of the countertop, the choice of material like granite, and any additional features like a new bathroom sink.

Choosing our company for your bathroom vanity replacement project ensures access to expert advice on selecting the best countertop materials and designs to suit your bathroom remodel. Their experience with various materials, from granite to other natural stones, allows for a customized approach to each project, catering to the specific needs and preferences of the homeowner.


The cost to replace bathroom countertops can vary widely, with factors such as vanity type, material, size, and labor  playing a role. In 2024, homeowners will have many choices regarding styles and materials, from granite countertops to modern quartz and marble options. By understanding these factors and carefully selecting materials and professionals, you can ensure a successful and cost-effective bathroom vanity replacement. Whether you opt for a DIY project or professional installation, the new bathroom vanity will not only enhance your daily routine but also add value to your home.