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Having 20+ years of stone experience in our local region, Instone takes pride in natural and engineered stone by providing top notch quality and competitive pricing to our customers. Highly recommended by our designers and builders, we take it to the next level when it’s comes to customer service.

Our amazing sales staff will guide you through the process effortlessly whether it’s your first time or a repeat client. Whether you’re looking for a small remnant or a full custom job, Instone can make it happen. Our 5 star reviews speak for themselves.

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How We Work.

It's All About the Customer!

The first step is to find out what your needs are, Getting a drawing of the project and talking everything through.

After we see your plans and tell you how many slabs you will need you can go shopping! If you only need 1 slab you can go choose to get a higher grade, if your project needs 2+ or more we then talk to you about your budget and work closely with you!

Once you have received our quote and we have agreed to do the job, it is now time to template. We will set up a time that is convenient for you to send our template technician to make exact measurements for your job.

Sometimes when we have clients that choose a very busy and natural material they often times have a specific way they would like the stone to be laid out in the kitchen.


We take a very detailed picture of your slab with our camera on our green screen. Then start laying it out in your kitchen virtually. With your approval we cut and fabricate then head to install!

After the very simple and stress free process we have now made it to install day! Our installers are very polite and are professionals at what they do, we have an all family business and take pride in our work!

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What Our Customers Say.

Group 4
"Daniel has done quite a few jobs for me through the years. I am a designer and I have been impressed with his professionalism. He works above and beyond to make his customers happy. I would whole heartedly recommend Daniel with Instone."
Lynette Pickering
Group 4
"Beautiful job matching the veining and artistry for the seam. these guys are professionals through and through... including communication. would definitely recommend."
Ansley Wolfe
Group 4
"The team at Instone is great to work with. Very professional, responsive, reliable and detailed in their work. Highly recommend!"
Lisa Curran
Group 4
"Instone has done 2 projects for me. They do very good work. I would use them again."
Mike Butyn
Group 4
"I’m a general contractor and use Instone for all of my projects. They are friendly, punctual, professional, careful and provide great work, including virtually invisible seams, at a reasonable cost."
Meredith Randall

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