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Having 20+ years of stone experience in our local region, Instone takes pride in natural and engineered stone by providing top notch quality and competitive pricing to our customers. Highly recommended by our designers and builders, we take it to the next level when it’s comes to customer service. Our amazing sales staff will guide you through the process effortlessly whether it’s your first time or a repeat client. Whether you’re looking for a small remnant or a full custom job, Instone can make it happen. Our 5 star reviews speak for themselves. Come see why customers choose Instone.

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"Daniel has done quite a few jobs for me through the years. I am a designer and I have been impressed with his professionalism. He works above and beyond to make his customers happy. I would whole heartedly recommend Daniel with Instone."
Lynette Pickering
Group 4
"Beautiful job matching the veining and artistry for the seam. these guys are professionals through and through... including communication. would definitely recommend."
Ansley Wolfe
Group 4
"The team at Instone is great to work with. Very professional, responsive, reliable and detailed in their work. Highly recommend!"
Lisa Curran
Group 4
"Instone has done 2 projects for me. They do very good work. I would use them again."
Mike Butyn
Group 4
"I’m a general contractor and use Instone for all of my projects. They are friendly, punctual, professional, careful and provide great work, including virtually invisible seams, at a reasonable cost."
Meredith Randall


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Natural Stone FAQs.

 Granite is the most popular natural stone and countertop material due to its versatility and superior performance characteristics. It is rated the top performing kitchen countertop material when compared with engineered stone, butcher block, ceramic tile, stainless steel and other manufactured surfaces. Although granite countertops can vary dramatically in price depending on the specific stone you choose, there are a wide variety of economically priced slabs available.

Granite is the second hardest stone known to man. It polishes beautifully, will not fade and is basically maintenance free. This stone is superior in it’s resistance to bacteria, easy to clean and is by far the most beautiful countertop material available on the market today. Granite can withstand extremely high temperatures and when properly installed it is nearly virtually indestructible. So if beauty, durability, value, ease of care and safety are important factors in your buying decision, welcome to the world of Granite. You will not find a better solution for you next countertop.

 In order to keep your granite in perfect condition, it should be kept clean. The most common way to maintain a stone is to brush away dust. Your stone should be washed with a clean, soft cloth and fresh water. A mild detergent can be used periodically to remove any residue that remains ingrained. These steps will save you many problems. During the fabrication/installation process, we will seal the stone. This helps prevent staining of the stone. 

Granite countertops will be sealed during the fabrication and installation process. Occasionally granite will need to be re-sealed. Re-sealing will vary depending on use. However in a residential kitchen, you should expect to re-seal your granite every 3-5 years. 

Contrary to what our competitors would lead you to believe, the answer is Emphatically NO!

Granite sealant is available in a liquid form and very easy to apply. This is a simple procedure that requires about ten minutes. Simply wipe it on with a cloth and after letting it sit for about five minutes, wipe it off and then gently buff with a clean cloth to a high gloss shine.

Granite Sealer consists of microscopic balls of silicone that attach themselves to the crevices inside the stone. Once they are attached to the stone, these balls become a permanent part of the stone and act as a shield, protecting your granite from any kind of liquid that may end up on your countertop. 

A cutout can be made in the stone to accommodate the type of sink you choose. Any sink that you purchase will have instructions and a template for the cutout needed. The countertop installer will take care of this during the installation process.